Year 2 Home Learning

Year 2 Home Learning

Click on the links below for work and ideas for your child to do at home. New packs will be added regularly.

Year 2 Castle Home Learning Project part 2

Coats of Arms Template

Year 2 Castle Home Learning Project part 1

Map to show one way system & drop off Covid -19

What do I need

Yr 1 and 2 current

Yr 2 at home

Bridging maths with Mrs Richman

Clock hunt with Mrs Richman

Handa’ Surprise Part 3

Handa’ Surprise Part 2

Oak National Academy

This website has daily lessons for all year groups, you can go back for past weeks as it has been running for a little while already, there is even an assembly at 11 am everyday!
To access it, select your child’s year group and watch the activities on the videos and then complete the tasks set. If your child is finding the activities too easy / hard it is worth looking at the other year groups above / below.

Handa’s Surprise activities

Handa’ Surprise Part 1

Mrs Weaver’s Maths Lesson 5th May

How to make origami finger puppets with Mrs Abbott

Mrs Abbott reads Hairy Maclary with finger puppets

Fruit bowl fractions

Year 2 Week 7 Learning project – Food

Egg box arrays

The Ugly Five activities

The Ugly Five story

Tabby McTat story

Year 2 Week 6 Learning project – The area where you live

The Queen’s Hat Part 3

The Queen’s Hat Part 2

The Queen’s Hat Part 1

Year 2 Spring Science Home Learning Activities

Year 2 Week 5 Learning project – viewpoint

Year 2 Week 4 Learning project – environment

Year 2 Maths Lesson 1 Mental Maths answers

Year 2 Maths Lesson 1

Year 2 Week 3 Learning project – Animals

Mrs Weaver’s Maths Lesson 3 Part 1

Mrs Weaver’s Maths Lesson 3 Part 2

Mrs Weaver’s Maths Lesson 2

Year 2 Week 2 Learning project – family

Mrs Weaver’s Maths Lesson 1

Year 1 and 2 common exception words

Year 2 Home Learning Pack

Year 2 Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers

Year 2 Practical Ideas