Information Packs

Year 1 and 2 Information Packs

Here at Calmore Infant School we aim to give you as much information about your child’s learning as we can so you know how your child will be taught. In the box on the right you will find different information sheets about all aspects of learning. There is information on Maths with a Glossary of mathematical terms and a Number Track for your child to use at home, how you can support your child at home with Read, Write Inc phonics and about the progression in Phonics and also a Spelling Overview for Year 1 and 2.

You will also find information about the teaching staff and daily routines for Year 1 and 2.

Meet the Teacher Year 1 presentation

Meet the Teacher Year 1 leaflet

Meet the Teacher Year 2 presentation

Meet the Teacher Year 2 leaflet

Keeping safe online leaflet

Reading Intervention

At Calmore Infant School, our aim is for every one of our children to become independent, successful and lifelong readers and consequently writers. Above all, we want our children to enjoy reading.

All of our children receive first quality teaching for all areas of the curriculum including reading, writing and phonics. This first quality teaching within the classroom is often enough for many children to learn to read and write successfully however other children need extra support.

At Calmore Infant School, we provide varying degrees of support for any reader who is struggling, needs a little extra support or a boost to help maintain their progress in reading.

Nurture Information

If your child has been assessed as benefitting from nurture support in our Rainbow Room with Miss Fennell and Miss Young then you will have been informed.

Click here for the Calmore Infant School Nurture Booklet that will answer any questions and explain how our nurture group works to support our children’s disposition to learn and positive attitude to school.

New Year R Parents September 2021-2022 Admission

Once you know your child has a place look here for a timetable of parent talks eg early Phonics, early Maths and time in school for Stay and Play sessions and details of dates as soon as possible. Dates for children starting school will also be provided.  Watch this space!

Prospectus 2022

Flamingo After School Club

We are pleased to offer an After School Club for our Infant children as well as the Junior School children. From January 2021, it is run by the school. Due to Covid risk assessments in place, the Infant and Junior children are based in separate classrooms, both on our premises. For further details, please contact our school office.