From September 2015 there have been changes in the attendance guidance for all schools.

We would urge all parents to read the school’s Attendance policy, (available on the website under Parents  and Policy section ). In addition there is ‘Guidance to all Parents and Carers about non- attendance at school’ which is available to read here or at the school office

It is very important that your child comes to school every day and we need your support to ensure that children are in school 100% of the time.

From Sept 2015 in line with all other schools penalty notices (fines) will be issued for:

1 Any unauthorised  absence  e.g. holiday that is for 10 sessions ( 5 days) . Please note these dates do not have to be consecutive so, 2 days unauthorised holiday and then a 3 day unauthorised holiday would be liable to a fine

2 If a child is continually late for school and arrives after registers close at 9.05 and the lateness is unauthorised , then that will be liable to a fine

3 If a child has any unauthorised leave during formal examinations. Assessments or testing ( year 1 phonics test or Year 2 end of key stage tests)


If your child is going to be out of school , even for a day , without a medical/ illness need then please come to see the Headteacher and discuss the reasons for the absence. If there are exceptional circumstances the absence can be authorised.


It is very important that your child comes into school every day because every day lost has an impact on your child’s learning.  All children need to be in school at 8:45am.  Registers close at 9am and anyone arriving late will go on your child’s attendance record.  We monitor attendance very closely and will contact you if we have concerns.  Please let us know by 9am if your child is unable to come to school.

If your child is unwell, check here see if time off school is necessary.

Each class takes part in the ‘Cool to be in School’ challenge where the best attending class wins a prize. If a child has been in school every day for a year then we arrange a special visit eg Pizza Express.