Whole School Events

Our Special event weeks each term provide opportunities for us all to work together and involve our parents in our learning. They are based on specific stories to give opportunities for write for a purpose, drama, dance, music, art, design technology, ICT and maths.

We believe our special event weeks give our children opportunities for SMSC through awe and wonder, imagination, cultural awareness and creativity,

Recent special event weeks have been

“Bike Week” – linked to science. We learned about how a bike moves, what you need to do to keep it safe to ride and the balance you need to be able to ride one.

3 x E-safety weeks through the year. Our latest e-safety week was about “being kind to others” especially online. We looked at ways to be kind to each other from a smile to brighten someones day to helping them. We also looked at being kind when talking to people online. Just because we can’t see that person then it’s not OK to say unkind things about them. Here are two PowerPoint presentations that the children saw in assembly. Kind Online YouTube Safety

Harvest Week

The children have been learning about where their food comes from and how we can help our environment by buying food locally and not wasting food. We had a visit from The Food Bank and found out how we can help others that may not have enough food. Year 1 had a Harvest Supper and invited their parents in to taste the delicious pasta they made. Year 2 had a potato afternoon where they peeled, chopped, cooked and tasted potatoes. We rounded off the week with our Harvest Festival where we all enjoyed singing the songs we had learnt.