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Our school statement reflects our vision for our children. We see our school as preparing them for taking their place as adults with a positive role to play in society.

SMSC is the abbreviation for Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development. It encompasses all we do at Calmore Infant School. We promote these important areas within our every day activities of working, learning, playing and socialising together.

The promotion of SMSC in school is important because it enables children to develop a deeper understanding of the wider world, develop an understanding and empathy of themselves and others and empowers children to take responsibility for their positive role in society where they value others.

It has a high profile. The ‘Good To Be Me Team’ leads our SMSC in school.

Here are some examples of what we do but please look at our blog or come into school to see our displays and you will see that SMSC is very important to us.


The Cultural Bear reminds us that we are all different in many ways and the same in others. The Cultural Bear reminds us it’s okay to be different. We learn about different cultures during our Ugandan Week and during our RE topics, such as Diwali, Holi and Chinese New Year. Circles Times also helps us to find out about what is different or the same about the people we meet every day and the visitors that come to our school.

Our Spiritual Bear reminds us to stop for a moment, but instead to think and reflect about the beautiful world around us. Our Spiritual Bear reminds us to think about our feelings and the feelings of others. We have lots of awe and wonder in school. We have many moments when we might say “WOW” such as when we have visitors come to the school, when we learn to play a new instrument, when we have created a beautiful piece of art, when we sing and give an amazing performance, or when we watch an amazing performance and when we go on school trips. The Spiritual Bear encourages us to have circle times so that we may share our experiences, our thoughts, our feelings and our beliefs with others.

The Moral Bear reminds us that sometimes we have to make a choice. The Moral Bear also reminds us that it is not always easy to make the right choice. Circle times, our Milly Challenges, our School Rules, our friends and our Play time buddies can sometimes help us to make the right choices.

The Social Bears work together to remind us of what we can achieve when we work together, as a team. The Social Bears work together without argument but instead they share and give others a chance to speak or have their turn. The Social Bears remind us that we can learn from each other. In school we are nearly always working together, with the teachers, our friends and the visitors who come into our school. In school we will  often work in groups, or with a partner. We will take turns to carry out responsible roles within the school, like being on one of the school councils being a playtime buddy or a monitor that will help the school to run smoothly.


Honeypot Charity Christmas Boxes

Honeypot charity come to school to talk about the work they do to support young carers. Children collected presents to put in special Christmas boxes. They would be given to a local charity “Honeypot” and distributed to children in need around the local area.

Some of our children and families benefit from the work of this charity so we wanted to support it.

Testwood Food Bank

We have Sarah, a representative from Testwood Food bank who talks to us about the importance of helping others and collecting food. The Good To Be Me team and School Council collect the donations and pack them up for the food bank.


SMSC Governor

Melanie Price is our governor responsible for SMSC. She visits the school and talks to the children in The Good to be Me team regularly. Here they are on a learning walk around the school talking about how SMSC links in our learning.

Visits to St Anne’s Church, Calmore

We regularly visit the church for our services at Advent, Easter, Leavers and Year R Nativity. Reverend Sally is a regular visitor to our school.

Year 1 Harvest Supper. 

Year 1 looked at how vegetables and fruits are grown. They used vegetables that had been grown in our garden to make a delicious pasta dish that they all ate together.


Christingle Making and Service

During Advent, all the children made a Christingle. They learnt about the meaning of the different parts and then all joined together to have a service around the Christingles.



Uganda Links

We have links to Kagando School in Uganda. Recently we had a visitor from Uganda who told us about life in Africa. One of our teachers went to work with the children and staff in Kagando.