Pupil Voice & Responsibilities

We value all our children’s opinions and ideas. We have 2 active pupil groups in school. The School Council and the Good to be Me team. These groups make suggestions about making our school even better and are very influential in making changes. The groups meet regularly with Mrs Willes.

Our School Council 

These children have been voted for by children in their class. They meet with Mrs Willes regularly and discuss issues that they feel need to be improved in school eg play equipment or they are asked to lead responsibilities eg helping Year R children at playtime. Mr Gurd is our Governor for pupil voice. He meets with the children to find out their views.

Here they are helping our Year R children to find the playground after lunchtime.

Pupil Responsibilities

We believe that children enjoy being given responsibilities. We have a large number of children who have specific responsibilities in school e.g. librarians, lunchtime helpers, assembly organisers, computer monitors and playground equipment leaders.

Our Librarians

Our librarians put books away and ensure our library is kept organised and tidy for everyone to use.

Our Lunchtime Helpers

Children help to clear the hall at lunchtime.

Helping Hands

We take it in turns to take the register to the office. We put our book bags away.

Playground Bags

We make sure all the playtime equipment is put away.

Learning Behaviours

Children from Year R to Year 2 led an information meeting to parents to explain about the school learning heroes and show how they help them to learn.

The children spoke confidently about being resilient, resourceful, independent, reflective and able to work as a team.

They found pieces of work in their own books to show how they had used these learning characteristics.


Good To Be Me Team

These children have been chosen as they consistently show they are kind and aware of the children’s feelings. They are the Big Brothers and Sisters of our school. They meet regularly with Mrs Goodey. They are responsible for making sure our children are aware of the need to respect others and be kind and gentle. They are ambassadors for our school.