Year 1 – Summer 2

Our topic will be launched by a visit to the Aquarium to give them the first hand experience of meeting different creatures. From here the children will explore the work of Alan Feldmesser and create observational pictures of water creatures. They will also use natural materials to create their picture using an alternative medium. The children will learn about different materials looking at differences and similarities, sorting materials by property and exploring floating and sinking. Investigating different materials will be a key idea for the children to explore their new found knowledge of different properties and will come up with their own question to answer. After this they will be making a boat that is able to float and talk about why they have chosen their materials and writing instructions on how to build it.  In Literacy  the children will be introduced to the text ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ using this as a stimulus to create their own under the sea poem using creatures from ocean that will be visiting the classroom. They will then invite reception to hear their poems. They will also be using under the sea music to create their own dance. To draw the topic to a conclusion parents will be invited to come to Year One’s Aquarium where they will see all of their child’s work from the topic. During the topic we shall be spending the day learning about stories Jesus told, looking at how important stories can be.

As part of transition children will be working on superheroes, they will be making themselves into superheroes and writing about their special powers. To end the year off they shall be making costumes and having a super hero picnic at Testwood Lakes.