Year 1 – Spring 2

Our Topic this term is ‘Up the Beanstalk’ To start this topic off we will be hosting a competition in Year 1 as to which class can grow the biggest sunflower. During Topic lessons the children will create and write their own instructions for how to plant a sunflower, they will then follow these instructions and plant their own seed. The children will learn about the different parts of a plant and what plants need to grow. They will explore which plants can be eaten and be able to name wild and garden plants. Linking their learning to maths the children will walk around the local area identifying different plants and trees and tallying them they will then present the information in a block graph. From here the children will use different mediums to create art work based around Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers painting, creating their own large class version of this picture.

During this the children will be flying to ‘fairy tale land’ on board Calmore Airlines to emerge themselves in different traditional tales. They will become familiar with the features of traditional tales, act out different stories, hot seat characters, learn stories off by heart and then write a traditional tale publishing a book for the school library.

As Easter draws nearer the last week of the term will be spent learning about the RE concept of changes focusing on the Easter story sadness to happiness.