Year R – Autumn 1

Hello and welcome!

It has been so exciting welcoming your children into our school! They are settling in well and we look forward to working with them over the coming year. In addition to the key learning mentioned in the learning web below, we do change the planning and enrich it with extra learning opportunities led by the children.

This will tell you a little about what will be happening this first Autumn term.

Autumn 1 Ourselves

In Reception we don’t have set half-termly topics in the same way that Year 1 and 2 do. Instead we have ‘themes’ that can cover a range of topics. This allows us to follow the interests of the children and the areas they need to develop in.

This Autumn our theme is ‘ourselves’. We will be focusing on building relationships with our adults and the other children in our class. We will share our ‘All About Me’ books and talk about the people who are important to us, such as our families and friends. We will be settling into school and becoming familiar with the routines and rules.

Over the next few weeks we will begin to prepare our bodies and our hands for becoming writers and we will learn to write our names with the correct letter formation. We will be working hard on counting groups of objects carefully and accurately. We will be recognising numbers 0-10 and counting forwards and backwards with songs and rhymes.

We will be becoming more independent. We will be getting changed for P.E. and we will be responsible for getting our belongings ready for home-time.

The children are doing well at lunchtimes and enjoying their school dinners. They have done so well that they are going out to play on the ‘big playground!’ Thank you for your encouragement and support.

Please see our newsletter for more information about our learning each term.

Year R Newsletter September 2021