Phonics is a method of teaching our children how to read. We teach phonics at the same time every day in every year group and children gradually build up a recognition of single letter sounds and group letter sounds within words.

Our school uses Ruth Miskin’s Read Write Inc. scheme. We begin teaching phonics in Year R from the first week in school. The aim is to have all children in Year 2 off the scheme by Autumn term year 2 so they can concentrate on fluency and comprehension. Children are regularly assessed and then moved into groups dependant on stage not age. We do not hold children back if they are making good progress. Every member of staff is trained in Read, Write Inc. and this is updated yearly.

We believe that learning to read is a fundamental life skill and we work very hard to ensure our children have the very best opportunities to leave our school as confident and competent readers.

To find out how you can help your child, watch these videos showing how the scheme is taught.

Information for Parents: What is Read Write Inc. Phonics?

Information for Parents: How to say the sounds

Information for Parents: Reading the stretchy sounds with your child

Information for Parents: Reading the bouncy sounds with your child

Information for Parents: Reading the digraphs with your child

Information for Parents: Sound-blending

Information for Parents: Red Ditty Books

Information for Parents: The Phonics Screening Check Year 1

Information for Parents: Understanding Phonics

Storytime at home

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