Whole School Events

Our Special event weeks each term provide opportunities for us all to work together and involve our parents in our learning. They are based on specific stories to give opportunities for write for a purpose, drama, dance, music, art, design technology, ICT and maths.

We believe our special event weeks give our children opportunities for SMSC through awe and wonder, imagination, cultural awareness and creativity,

Recent special event weeks have been

“Into the Woods” – Linked to Anthony Browne’s book “Into the Woods” and traditional tales, we focused on writing outside and for a purpose. Fairy Godmother was found in the woods. She asked us to help her! We went on a Gruffalo hunt and made and ate Gruffalo crumble. Year 2 spent a day in the woods finding out about habitats and adaptations.

“Performance Poetry Week” – Pirate Pete the Poet visited and introduced us to some amazing poetry. The staff acted out “The Owl and the Pussy Cat” and the children joined in with rhythmic poetry such as “The Song of the Train” and sound poetry “Ning, Nang, Nong” Every class practiced and performed poetry all week and performed to parents.

“Arts Week” – This special creative week focused on a mixture of music performances from professional musicians and our own Year 2 Ukelele concert. We enjoyed creating and practicing our own dances – Year 1 did a Super Hero dance while Year 2 did a whole year group dance to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling”. Together with opportunities to paint, sketch and create beautiful artwork.

“Algorithm Day” – This was a whole day devoted to learning about coding and computer programming. The children took part in lots of activities to program Bee Bots and remote control toys and write our own program.

Mud and Stick Week

We spent a week outside. We made bird feeders and wrote instructions. We designed and made our own dens. We painted with mud and sticks and we measured and ordered sticks. We found out about soil and where it comes and made our own compost and talked about changes over time. We enjoyed the stories Stickman and the Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson. The school was buzzing with activity and enthusiasm for learning.

Spells and Potions Week

We helped Fizz the Fire Fairy by writing our own spells. We got carried away and made Potions at the Potion Station. A potion to make you turn into a bat and to make you tiny – a potion for every possible occasion. We found a mysterious box full of potions and wrote found posters. We wrote our own class magical spells poems, full of descriptive words and rhymes. The teachers acted out The Room on the Broom.


Arts Week

We organised musicians to come and play their instruments to us. We all learnt a dance to perform at assembly. Our art work was inspired by different artists and even by listening to the music.

Algorithm Day

Algorithm Day was an amazing way to introduce computer programming to the whole school. Miss Ball led an assembly explaining what an algorithm is and how programming is vital to the success of any computer action. All the year groups worked on different activities and shared their learning. The school was BUZZING. Miss Carter dressed up as a robot and we had to ‘program her’. We used remote control cars and Beep Bots to write programs for. We created our own programs and tested them.

Into the Woods

We found the Fairy Godmother in the woods. We read traditional stories set in the woods and retold them using Pie Corbett prompts. We went into the woods and found out all about adaptation and habitats for woodland creatures. What was it like to be a blind mole, a squirrel climbing the high branches or a rabbit in a burrow? We looked for a Gruffalo and found his footprints. We made Gruffalo Crumble.

 Special Event Videos

The staff enjoy performing for the children. They have performed traditional tales for World Book Day and acted out Christmas songs. Click on the links to see what a talented lot they are.