School Leadership Team

  • Mrs N Cowcher


    We hope our children develop into happy, successful lifelong learners.
  • Mrs S Willes

    Deputy Headteacher and Year 1 Teacher

    Making sure the foundations are firm for happiness and lifelong success.
  • Mrs A Weaver

    Year 1 Teacher & SENCO

    Loves watching every individual flourish.
  • Mrs J Lock

    KS1 Leader and Year 1 Teacher

    Making learning fun, exciting and adventurous for all the children.
  • Miss B Carter

    Year 2 Teacher

    Making sure all the children keep positive about their learning.
  • Miss G Abraham

    Year R Teacher

    Encouraging your child to reach their full potential.
  • Miss S James

    Year R LSA

    Enjoying working in Year 1 and learning about how young children learn.
  • Mrs B Williams

    Year R LSA, ELSA & Nurture Group Practitioner

    Always approachable, catch me in the playground in the morning.
  • Mrs C Darch

    Year 1 Teacher

    Loves learning alongside her children.
  • Mrs C McDevitt

    Year R LSA

    Happily working in Ducklings class and enjoying seeing the children grow in confidence.
  • Mrs D Osborn

    Intervention LSA, Librarian & IT technician

    Letting your child explore the world through IT and the love of books.
  • Mrs J Clark

    Year 1 LSA

    Helping Year 1 to find their feet on their journey to success.
  • Mrs J Pearce

    Year 2 Teacher, Every Child Counts & Reading Recovery manager

    Making maths and reading positive, lively and fun so all children succeed.
  • Mrs J Sibley

    Year 2 LSA & Intervention

    Helping children be the best they can be.
  • Mrs K Hopkins

    Year 1 LSA, ELSA, Nurture Group Practitioner & Dinner lady

    Caring and sharing for all your child’s needs
  • Mrs L Abbott

    Year 2 Teacher

    Helping your children to aim for the best they can be.
  • Mrs M Longman

    Year 1 LSA, Speech & Language & Interventions

    Making a difference with your child’s learning.
  • Mrs N Sheales

    Year 1 Teacher

    Ensuring our children love learning in an environment that gives them opportunities to explore and find out about the world around them.
  • Mrs R Goodey

    Year R Teacher

    Looking forward to teaching your child to be independent.
  • Mrs V Richman

    Year 2 Teacher

    Working with your child to make their first year at school the best it can be.
  • Mrs W Dillon

    Year 2 LSA & Intervention

    Working alongside your children to achieve their best.
  • Mrs J Houghton

    SIMS manager & Clerical assistant

    Your point of contact with the school.
  • Mrs J Watkinson

    Admin officer

    Always happy to help! Just come in and see me.
  • Miss L Goss

    Dinner Lady

    Ensuring all our children have a happy lunchtime and know that I can help them if they have any problems.
  • Mr J Smith

    Sports coach

    Helping your child reach their full sporting potential.
  • Mr L Hardy

    Sports Coach

    Striving to provide the best sporting opportunities for the children.
  • Mr R Witcomb


    I'm working hard to make our school a safe, happy and clean place for everyone to be in.
  • Mrs J Clayton-Hart

    Dinner Lady

    Meeting the needs of your children at lunchtime
  • Mrs J Goulden

    Dinner Lady

    Thoroughly enjoying my role and doing all I can to make lunchtimes happy and safe for our children.
  • Mrs K Doling


    Friendly, approachable and willing to meet all your needs.
  • Mrs L Bascombe

    Dinner Lady

    Long term dinner lady. Happy to help.
  • Mrs S Tombs

    Dinner Lady

    Enthusiastic dinner lady, keen to help your children.
  • Mrs V Garland


    I am enjoying working in school and in the team and making our school clean and shiny.