Year 1 – Autumn 1

Our topic this term is ‘Ourselves’. We will look at the body focusing on each part of the body and what it is used for. Children will explore their senses to play games.  The children will use their sense of taste to distinguish between the different flavour crisps! They will be painting self portraits. The children will then have the opportunity to meet a nurse and look at what keeps them healthy. From here the children will then look at what Florence Nightingale did to change hospitals and nursing care during the Crimean War. Children will explore what foods are healthy and unhealthy and make their own healthy lunch (soup). After this they will explore the Christian festival of Harvest looking at how they celebrate this festival. The children will then have the opportunity to look back at the topic and draw it all together by designing and making a healthy lunch to share with their parents.














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Year 1 Newsletter Autumn 1 2019