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Our school has 180 pupils aged 4-7. All the classes are names after birds. The Ducklings and Penguins Year R, Owls and Goldfinches Year 1 and Swallows and Robins Year 2. All our year groups work very closely together as a team across the school.

We have lively topics to encourage a love of learning. Each topic has a “hook” day such as Space Day in Year 2, Castle Day in Year 1 and we plan visits or visitors to enhance our learning so we can have really good “hands on” opportunities to learn. For example we visit Portchester Castle to find out more about castle life, Testwood Lakes for “hands on” practical learning about minibeasts and habitats.

We plan special event weeks through the year throughout the year with a key learning focus eg writing and drama. The special event weeks allow us to plan fun, absorbing, creative weeks that are a HUGE success.

October 2017 Mud and Stick Week – Writing, Maths (measuring and sorting), Art, Design Technology and Science

We all spent the week outside. We made bird feeders from sticks and wrote instructions. Children designed their own dens. We measured and ordered sticks. Year R acted out The Room on the Broom. We found out about soil. Where does it come from? We made compost and talked about changes taking place over a long time. We painted with mud and enjoyed reading Stick Man by Julia Donaldson. The whole school was buzzing with activity and enthusiasm.

July 2017 International Week – Geography, SMSC, Dance, Music and Art

“We are all one family under the same sky.” We found out about different countries and cultures around the world. Brazil, America, France, and then we had visitors from Africa and India to talk about their cultures and share their music and dance with us. We found out about differences ad similarities between us all.

March 2017 Fantastic Foxes and Wicked Wolves Week! – Reading, Writing, Drama, Maths Measuring and Art Focus

The school had a letter from the “Story Inspector” at the Houses of Parliament asking for our help. She wanted us to investigate “baddies in traditional stories” and find out why we thought so many stories had wolves or foxes as the bad character. We read a range of traditional texts such as The Three Little Pigs, Red Riding Hood, The Gingerbread Man and other more contemporary texts such as Mr Wolfs Pancakes, Little Wolf and The Last Wolf. We enjoyed acting out the stories, writing character descriptions and looking at themes and differences and similarities. We had a wonderful time making pancakes, writing poetry, following trails in the woods, wolf dancing and art work.

November 2016 Spells and Potions Week – Writing, Drama, Maths Measuring Focus

Fizz the Fire Fairy arrived in assembly with a problem and needed our help! He had lost all Wizard Windybanks spells. The spell book was empty! The wizard would be cross! What could we do to help? The children enjoyed writing magical spells – “A spell to make you breathe under water” “A spell to make you invisible” “A spell to make you fly.” We mixed potions and labeled our potion bottles. We wrote class spell poems and preformed them in assembly! We even found a mysterious box in the woods – who did it belong to? What was inside? We made posters and stuck them around the playground. What a surprise we had!

July 2016 Arts Week – Dance, Music, Art, Performance Focus

We organized musicians to come and play their instruments to us. We all learnt a dance to perform at assembly. Our art work was inspired by different artists and even by listening to the music.

March 2016  “Into the Woods” week – Science, Writing, Drama Focus

Inspired by Anthony Browne’s book of the same name. We spent the week outside. We found the Fairy Godmother – we saw the Gingerbread Man and went on a Gruffalo hunt. We found out about habitats and adaptation.

Autumn Term 2015 we had Poetry Performance Week with Pirate Pete the Poet.

(Find out more in in our photos of Whole School Event week)


“Children are exceptionally eager to learn”

“The excellent climate for learning has a very positive impact on pupil’s progress”

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